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Defeating chondroma

The most important thing is faith, faith that you along with the people who surround you are stronger than Chondroma.

“It probably doesn’t need a long time, to express the emotions which fell upon me and my family on the 2th of January, when doctor told us that I had a tumor on my trachea which limited my ability to breathe.”

Ana was eighteen years old when she was diagnosed with Chondroma, while speaking she underlines that this diagnosis gave her a brand new motivation to live.

“I didn’t have much experience in the medical sphere, I didn’t know where I should start from and everyone was giving me their own interpretations and suggestions. One of the alternatives presented to me was treatment abroad which turned out to be a different kind of chaos within itself; I lost a lot of time searching for the clinics and doctors, I almost lost the hope but then I found RHAZES GLOBAL. As I found out this company could connect me to the best clinics and doctors in very little time , frankly this looked suspicious to me at first and I thought if I couldn’t do it how could they – but I was wrong.

In a critical situation it is very important to plan everything precisely and efficiently because every detail and every moment is important.

“ along with the stress concerning my diagnosis now I was worried about going abroad for the treatment, I didn’t know how the events would develop or would this company help me with my situation how I required it? They did more than expected, I was sent to clinics with state of the art technologies and to the doctors who showed the highest level of professionalism. Rhazes global handled inner city transportations, translation services, appointments and were by my side at every step of the journey, helping me with anything I required including financial inquiries which of course were very important.”

In moments like these it is important to surround yourself with Supportive and trustworthy people.

“I am Ana and I defeated an illness the name of which brings fear into people’s lives, yes I accomplished this.”