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‘A university city, what else?’ That is how I was thinking before going and discovering the most special city I have ever seen, Heidelberg!

I would really like to thank the most beautiful city among neighbor cities with its 150,000 inhabitants. I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute you spend in such a ‘Middle Ages’ city of budget-friendly country Germany.

First of all, let’s answer how and when you should go there. There is no airport as it is a small city. However, you can arrive in the city by a train transfer from Frankfurt or Stuttgart airports and regarding time, spring will not disappoint you for a comfortable journey. I should also mention that although it is not such a big city as Berlin, Prague, Venice, it offers us to reveal its secret of beauty not only by visiting but also by living there.

One of the best universities in medicine and pharmacy of the country is situated in this city. The University of Heidelberg, which has a history of 700 years, is also Germany’s oldest university. We pass faculties and libraries as we walk down streets because the university is spread to the
whole city. In addition to the historical atmosphere, the young people accompanying us in these streets makes us feel great, as if walking on an invisible bridge between the past and the future…

To cut a long story short, I’m starting with Hauptstraße. Quite a long street with its numerous shops, great cafes and restaurants offering world cuisine lined up side by side, cobblestone pavements and eyecatching architecture makes you feel great. If one day you visit Heidelberg, please do not forget to explore the streets and local shops. You will certainly have the opportunity to try different original products and delicious street tastes.

Transportation to the castle which is familiar to us from city photos, is provided by funicular. The castle also allows you to see the city with bird’s-eye view, but for the perfect landscape (and photos) you must pass the philosophers’ path – Philosophenweg. You can get to a certain point by car, but I advise you to walk up the slope that was used by the young philosophers of their time frequently which is not so difficult. When you look at the city from the top you will see the River Neckar and the bridge over it. The bridge is one of the symbols of the city, just like the castle. Although the Germans destroyed the old wooden bridge to prevent soldiers from crossing the city, the bridge (alte Brücke) was built after the war. There is a city gate and two sculptures on it. This bridge is a place where tourists loveto take pictures most. I’m gonna take a photo following the rumor that they don’t let you live the city without taking photo.

A piece of advice from me:
CAFÉ SCHAFHEUTLE: in the backyard, you can have coffee and eat great desserts at noon.

CÁFE KNÖSEL: This cafe, one of the oldest in the city, should be given a chance. I’m not the one who can’t express feelings easily, but I can’t express the mood I’ve had while discovering this city. Perhaps because of thinking of Germany as an industrial country, maybe ‘gray clouds’, I don’t know, but Heidelberg really struck me with admiration.