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Traveling to a foreign country, to get a treat-ment can be a daunting prospect. As Rhaz-es Global, we strongly believe that your health should be in the hands of some-one you trust and that your whole jour-ney should run as seamless as possible.With this post, we would like to introduce ourselves and how we can be of the best support for your medical treatment abroad from start to finish.More and more people are choosing to travel to another country to receive medical treat-ment, whether it be for higher quality proce-dures, lower prices or both. So why should you rely on RHAZES GLOBAL to organize your treatment abroad? Simply put, we are here to make your life easier: from prepar-ing quotes, liaising with the clinic, to get you ready for your travel, we are here to follow you on every step of the way with a smile on our face and a humble yet professional approach.

Does our support end once you are all set to leave? No way! We want to make sure your whole experience runs as worry-free as pos-sible, and that means following up on you be-fore, during and after your treatment!


Founded in 2012, RHAZES GLOBAL is the International Medical Tourism and Consult-ing Company that connects patients with the best hospitals, clinics and doctors. While patients benefit from world-class treatment and seamless experience, hos-pitals and clinics are empowered to focus on their core competency of delivering quality healthcare. From finding the right clinic to providing on-site language and logistical support – we guide international patients through the entire process of re-ceiving medical treatment abroad. Our ser-vice team staffed entirely with doctors and medical travel experts to ensure the high-quality standards that our customers de-serve. As we are an international company, we are driving healthcare tourism service by the six offices in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Lithuania, Romania, and Iran. Currently, the platform offers services to patients globally and cooperates with top renowned and accredited clinics in 12 coun-tries. It offers patients 24/7 support service via phone and email and its online platform allows them to explore and book a variety of medical treatments as oncology, cardiol-ogy, hematology, pediatric, including den-tal implants, hair transplant surgery and or-thopedic treatments.

What are our values?

Our core values, listed below, are based on a mission to provide you with the safest and highest-quality options to choose from.

  • We put patients first. Your health and hap-piness are our top priorities and every deci-sion we make is based on this principle.
  • Full transparency. It is key to the way we communicate. We always offer clear price quotes, without any hidden costs.
  • Best quality. Best prices. You can be sure that you will get the highest quality of health-care at the most affordable prices.
  • No wait. Waiting times for quality treat-ments can vary greatly from country to coun-try. We guarantee timely access to health-care.
  • We work for you! … and no one else! We are here to support you throughout every step of your journey.

How do we select our partner hospitals and doctors?

We will only show you hospitals which we have carefully hand-picked based on our strict quality standards so that you don’t have to browse through a massive amount of information in order to find the best hospital for your desired treatment. You can be sure that you’ll get the best quality at the most af-fordable price and if you don’t see a hospital you prefer among our offers, tell us your op-tion and it will be our pleasure to help with!

Meet the team

None of this would be possible without the skills and motivation of the people that make up the RHAZES GLOBAL team. Who is be-hind RHAZES GLOBAL and what inspires us to do better day by day? We interviewed our Patient Managers and have collected below some of their thoughts about working at RHAZES GLOBAL.

This is heavy and very responsible work, be-cause you have to work with human health,says our Operations Director Gulnar Asgaro-va, “My father is also a doctor, so from child-hood I have been surrounded by medicine. I always see him working hard and helping patients to save their lives. It inspired me, and I decided to be a part of Rhazes Global. My work involves constant communication with people. I often see people who are seriously ill at the beginning of their treatment after which they become healthy and full of joy. This is an amazing experience, this is more than work!!!

“Keeping up the RHAZES GLOBAL spirit.“What motivates me is that I really love help-ing people and that’s what matters at the end of the day and when the company is giving the chance to do your favorite stuff you are lucky”, says Inna, Patient Manager. It’s not just about finding a treatment. As our Patient Manager Sophio says: “In relationship with the patient, you are no longer just a pa-tient manager at the company he or she con-tacts, you become a person who cares about him in a way close friend or relative would do, which is great responsibility and great joy at the same time. At the end of this long and arduous process, you receive gratitude and appreciation from the patient, though what matters the most is to see him or her happy.

”Transparent and humble communication. RHAZES GLOBAL’s CEO and Founder Elchin Baghirov believes that RHAZES GLOBAL’s humble and transparent approach to our pa-tients is what makes us stand out from the crowd. “Many platforms lack a real focus on patients; everything we do at RHAZES GLOBAL is patient-centered and we do care about how a person feels and how we can be of best support throughout the whole expe-rience. We work for the patients, not for the clinics, and this is what makes all the differ-ence.”Our overall aim is to help patients find the right, affordable care all over the world. As CEO and Founder Elchin Baghirov states, “Our patients are the ones we care for and who we want to match with the best avail-able doctors.”

“We are Team who are passionate about solving global patient problems”