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Benefits of attending the Medical Tourism Conference

EuroEvents is a Business Information Provider, producing events, developing brands and most importantly – creating value for the respective industry. The aim of EuroEvents is to provide exclusive boutique events, great networking potential and learning platforms.
The events portfolio encompasses congresses and summits, certification and workshop seminars, professional trainings, exhibitions and trade shows, conferences and forums.
One of the industries EuroEvents has devoted a lot of time and effort in, is the Medical Tourism Industry.
The Medical Tourism Conference started back in 2015, when it was held in Budapest, Hungary. The 2nd edition took place in Prague, Czech Republic, the 3rd in Warsaw, Poland and the 4th in Berlin, Germany. This year, we will have the 5th Annual Medical Tourism Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, 13th – 15th of March.
This year the focus will be on how to win international patients in the era of digitization and globalization. The first two days are reserved for conference activities, filled with renowned speakers presenting on intriguing and popular topics in the sphere. The third day will be fully committed to the Workshop, at which EuroEvents facilitates pre-arranged meetings among health care buyers and providers. MTC will provide an interactive platform during which practitioners and leading experts in the area will share, discussand construct strategies for future growth and innovation for the purpose of creating and sustaining successful facilities.

For the previous 4 editions, MTC has had approximately 500 attendees, 30 partners and sponsors and more than 70 speakers throughout the years. MTC helped clinics and hospitals get connections with facilitators and insurance companies, discuss insurance trends and challenges, and every single time EuroEvents empowered the delegates to leave the venue richer with knowledge, experience and connections. During all these years, EuroEvents built many partnerships in many different regions. One of the partnerships with successful cooperation in the region of Georgia and Azerbaijan is the collaboration with Rhazes Global. Rhazes Global is an important ally for
EuroEvents in the region, helping in building connections and contributing towards development of medical tourism. EuroEvents certainly hopes on future collaboration, as the improvement of the numbers and the satisfaction of inbound and outbound patients in the region becomes possible when working together.
EuroEvents built a legacy that brings the event among the top global conferences in the sector of medical tourism.
Make sure to book your spot at this year’sconference to hear successful stories straight from the market and to learn how to deal with challenges in the medical tourism industry.

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