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”No Land” Interview

How did ” No Land ” start? How did you get together?

No Land was formed in 2012 by Sahand Lesani (electric guitar), Mehmet Akif Ersoy (acoustic guitar) and Kamil Hajiyev (vocal, violin). Later, Chagatay Vural (bass guitar), Can Kalyoncu, Yağız Nevzat İpek (drums), Hazal Akkerman (cello, vocal) joined the group. After this, we needed to hear new tunes, and started working with Oguzcan Bilgin (trumpet) and Vugar Hasani (lyrics). After joining the group everyone helped to develop our music by adding something from their musical background.

 What is the message of your music?

The things I heard during our first works reminded me of something familiar I knew from myself. While performing, we all concentrated on the same feelings; in fact, all of us are learning music… We also became very good friends; in addition to music, we are the team that stands for each other, but sometimes there is tension among us which lasts maximum 24 hours. 🙂 I think our shared memories can be our message at the same time.  There is no other message apart from them.

Who is the target audience of your music?

When you set up a business, of course, its target audience becomes one of the most important issues, but when it comes to music  you have a chance to be a little more free. Our main target was prouducing music, and we beleived in getting auidience, which came true. Youtube and Spotify know our audience better than us. You can check them and decide.

Where can we spot you in Istanbul?

We take all reputable stages in Istanbul. We will soon release the second album and meet with our audience on different stages.

No Land… do you think you will continue to base the band in Turkey? 

As you can see from our name, we do not plan to stay permanently in any country. This does not mean that we will go everywhere. I want to say that, in fact, the place is not important for us. Our music will continue as long as we are together.

What is the next thing we can expect from ‘’No Land’’? 

As I mentioned, our second album is on the way. Recordings are almost finished. Then there will be a concert in Turkey. We are also invited to Baku, and if everything goes well we would like to take stage there. If we are invited to Georgia, we will definitely appreciate it.