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The group that is making Lithuania a medical tourism star

A unique group of private providers has led EU member Lithuania’s push into the top ranks of medical tourism in recent years. The SK group, which includes the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center (MDTC), the Sugihara Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic and the Denticija dental clinics, is attracting a growing international clientele.

The SK group has been helped by the Baltic nation’s natural beauty, SPA traditions, and noteworthy cultural offerings. But that is just the surface.

“Many factors make Lithuania an attractive care destination: highly qualified and professional doctors, comprehensive healthcare infrastructure, attentive staff with strong language skills, and rather modest prices for an EU country. Plus it’s a very pleasant setting for patients and those accompanying them,” notes Dr Laimutis Paškevičius, the CEO of MDTC, who also heads the Lithuanian Medical Tourism Association and is the chairman of the local medical tourism cluster LitCare.


Experience is key for a smooth patient experience in medical tourism, and MDTC has been active in the area for more than a decade. It thus has an understanding of visiting patients’ needs and how to meet them. From scheduling and dietary matters, to help with visas, travel and accommodation. In fact, the center pledges to arrange examination, diagnosis and treatment planning all in one day when needed.

At its modern facilities in Vilnius, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center employs more than 180 experienced medical specialists in 53 fields. It is one of the biggest private healthcare providers in Lithuania. With state-of-the-art imaging and other equipment and five laboratories, it can do virtually any diagnostic tests on-site.

The center also offers 100 types of surgeries as well as rehabilitation. It is certified as meeting medical quality standards from the U.S., Germany and the U.K., and was the first in the country to implement the ISO 15189 international laboratory standard.

Affordable quality

“People come here from highly developed countries for fast, convenient access to quality medical care – often at half the cost they’d pay at home,” the center’s director says. “People also come from less developed countries, often for treatments that aren’t available where they live, at least not very safely,” he adds.

Over a third of MDTC’s foreign patients come from the U.K. and Ireland, making them the company’s biggest source market, according to Dr Paškevičius. Another 20% come from within the Nordic and Baltic region, and about 10% come from Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and so on.

Making payment easier, the center can accept most international health insurance plans thanks to its agreements with a long list of major insurance providers. EU citizens living abroad may be able to get reimbursed for treatment at MDTC; those from England may be eligible for reimbursement from NHS England.

Beauty and smiles

The SK group also runs the Sugihara Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic, with eminent plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other beauty experts. Like MDTC, Sugihara also enjoys an international reputation for leading specialists, wise and ethical advice, and results that always meet or exceed expectations.

Last but not least is Denticija, a regional pioneer in modern dentistry with 72 skilled dentists at 3 sites in Vilnius and Kaunas. These dental clinics share with the rest of the SK group a focus on international standards of excellence, keeping up with advances in treatments and technologies, and sincere attention to every patient.

No wonder so many international patients are smiling after visiting Lithuania, where companies like SK’s have met their medical, dental and beauty needs so very well.