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Breast cancer survivor wonders, what if?

Mostly, insidious disease is trying to let us know about itself, yet we try to ignore its existence until that critical moment, when disease starts to take us down. – This is how Mrs. Ludmilla describes the situation which changed her life in a matter of minutes.

“I was living a very active, fulfilled life, never had any physical limitations. Until, one day, during a simple checkup the doctor told me that I had breast cancer on the left side – unidentified but most likely malignant. This wasn’t a diagnosis to me but more like a death sentence which struck me and my family members like a lightening.”

Mrs. Ludmilla 61, who resides in Tbilisi, Georgia, told us how desperately she was seeking for the second opinion about her diagnosis:

“After visiting almost every oncologist in Tbilisi, undergoing through numerous of scans and tests, considering each advice given to me, I still wasn’t sure, I was still searching… Meanwhile, my daughter discovered a medical tourism company – to tell you the truth, by that time, I didn’t know what this meant but my new story begins here.

The research we made, assured us that this was exactly what we were looking for: a chance to consult with one of top best oncologists in our neighborhood and not only..

Getting foreign doctor’s opinion of your disease, scheduling consultation and going abroad for the treatment, because we thought managing all of these may take too much time, we were a little bit pessimistic when we visited RHAZES GLOBAL for the first time, though their conscientious and attentive attitude cleared all our doubts right away. RHASES GLOBAL team translated and sent my medical documents and got the response from the oncologist I chose with their help, within a few days.

RHASES GLOBAL team not only helped me to choose suitable clinic and doctor, they also planned my whole journey abroad, they managed to make every single aspect of it comfortable for me, and they took care of everything. Rhazes Global managed to make me comfortable each step of the way, they took care of every second of my stay and took care of everything.

Today I have already defeated this terrifying disease with the help of the Rhazes Global team and I can live as comfortably as I did before. This is a short story of how Rhazes Global changed my life and even more- how they became a part of my family.”