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Winning against all odds

Mr. Tyler Shuck tells us of his situation as “I had stomach issues which forced me to say no to my favorite foods”. Tyler is a project manager for an American company residing in Georgia for almost a year, he had had this diagnosis for a few months before getting treatment abroad. During this time he was living as an expat in the city of Tbilisi while simultaneously trying to treat his condition.

“Coming from a distant continent, changing my lifestyle and adapting to completely new things had a negative impact on my health. This seemed natural to me in the beginning because changing the rations of meals obviously can affect your digestive system but I never thought it would lead me to refuse my favorite food and also would cause discomfort in my stomach. One day after having lunch with my friend I felt heartburn and terrible pain in my abdomen, I consulted with the doctor who then prescribed medication but it didn’t help me “

Tyler frequently notes that prescribed medication was unhelpful for his problem and he wanted to repeat the tests in order to get suitable treatment and the answers to all his questions once and for all.

“My stomach problems were already known to all of my friends, I used to talk about it constantly, until, one day, one of my friends told me about Rhazes Global and recommended their service. After the small research I made about them, it was obvious, this company could solve my problems.”

One of the leading medical services is provided in America but because of the distance Tyler could not return to his homeland for treatment due to his work schedule.

“I would have visited my family doctor in the US for the consultation but I didn’t have the opportunity to go back so soon, I needed an alternative, which is why I applied to Rhazes Global. The team was very helpful, they answered all my inquiries and helped me to understand whole process. They chose for me one of the best university hospitals in Turkey with highly qualified medical team. I got sure that I made right decision.

I trusted Rhases Global in every detail of my journey and honestly, I thought my diagnosis would be very severe but it turned out to be simply loose cardia erythematous gastritis. The medical treatment previously prescribed to me was not correct to my case.”

Tyler’s biopsy didn’t show any serious pathologies but simply bacteria.

“For me it was very important to have quality and hospitality, the team at Rhazes Global made me realize that sometimes strangers can help you in your troubles in a way like your family members would do.”

After getting proper treatment and medications prescribed by Turkish doctors, Tyler can enjoy his favorite Georgian dish Khinkali without even remembering his previous stomach issues.