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My Baby is American

The most important process of your life is short. You want everything to be the best for your child.

By making, the choice you can make your child start one-step ahead of real life.

We know you’re doing a great deal of research to give your baby the best gift, and I want to tell you that the RHAZES GLOBAL family is different from other companies.

Our differences, America, Britain and Turkey-based specially trained certified professional birth coach with the most important period of your life is to get your health and happi-ness of your baby in your arms.

Our birth coach (Doula) Tuğçe Atakan: “I give birth coaching services for all the families that I enter, and I provide counseling to all families about breastfeeding and baby care, and I give pre-and post-delivery preparatory pieces of training..

I give full support at any moment during your pregnancy as your birth coach. You will realize the importance of this support, especially when your pains start at 36 and 37 weeks. I can use different techniques for the comfort-able progression of birth, I can actively sup-port 15-25 hours of sleep from the moment of birth. I witness so beautiful births; I want to keep this excitement, happiness, curiosity and the privilege of witnessing the miracle of a new life coming to the world for every family I work with. It is a passion for me to tell women that birth is not a disease and to make them realize the power within them.

I accompany and teach mothers so that they can increase their confidence in their bodies and babies during their travels, and all I want is, no matter the way of birth, the moment of encounter with the baby must be eagerly anticipated, prepared and a perfect reunion”

What do we do as a Birth Coach (doula) service: we meet 4 times face to face during prenatal times during your pregnancy. Our goal is to learn your needs and priorities, to know if you have any worries or fears. This is how we can best work together with you. We talk about what you are most curious about, birth coping techniques, pregnancy pilates, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques, researching how mother relaxes, what we can do if you have a cesarean section, trying active birth positions, recognizing and choosing aromatherapy oils that we can use at birth, preparation of preferences, needs of the puerperium and breastfeeding tips.

When you decide to give birth in the United States, you have three options.

– The first thing that comes to mind is to go to the city you know or to undergo this process through intermediaries (often making mistakes).

– Your second option (the option you are most at risk of making mistakes) is to explore everything and embark on this adventure on your own.

– The third: EXPERIENCE is very important for birth in America. The most important thing to consider is actually EXPERIENCE. RHAZES GLOBAL team and our BIRTH COACH in America will not put you under the risk!

On the day of birth, we take you from your home to the hospital. We will always be there for you in communication with the nurses and the hospital.

You will not experience stress; you will give birth comfortably without thinking about the next step.                                                                                                                   From the moment your labor pains begin, after your baby is in your arms, we are actively supporting you for minimum 15 hours without going to sleep until you leave your birth room and settle in your private room.

  • Hospitalization for 2 days at natural birth and 3 days at ce-sarean section.
  • Ensuring all kinds of health checks and needs related to the baby and mother during the hospital stay.
  • We visit every day during the hospital stay. We provide the necessary legal procedures to be initiated and, if necessary, private vehicle transfer support between the home and the hospital.
  • Welcome, gift and package for your baby in the hospital.
  • Provide your baby with a special car seat on the day of departure. (They do not allow the vehicle to leave the hospital without a seat)
  • After leaving the hospital, we provide full support to the mother in the supply of medicines that mother needs to buy at the pharmacy.
  • After leaving the hospital, we provide a private baby bed to your home.